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Right Click Test

Measure your right-click CPS with ultimate features to improve your clicking speed.

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What Is A Right Click Test?

The Right Click Test is a tool designed to measure and improve clicking speed, specifically for the right-click function on a mouse. This online tool is particularly useful for gamers who need to execute quick and precise right-click actions in various games. With the Right Click Test, users can measure how many clicks they can make within a given time interval and track their progress over time. By practicing regularly and increasing their clicking speed, users can become more efficient and effective in their gameplay. In addition to gaming, the Right Click Test can also be useful for tasks that require frequent right-clicking, such as editing and graphic design.

Master Your Right Click Speed

In the world of intense PC gaming, success often comes down to milliseconds. Being able to quickly scope in and out or access contextual menus can mean the difference between domination and defeat.

That’s why training your right click speed is so crucial. Our right click tester allows you to measure and track your clicks per second (CPS) using just the right mouse button.

Getting started is simple - just click the start button and go as fast as you can for the allotted time. We’ll calculate your average CPS so you can monitor your improvement.

With practice, you can break 10+ CPS to gain a competitive edge. But it takes dedication and proper technique. Here are some tips:

  • Choose a gaming mouse designed for rapid clicks. Lighter mice allow quicker movement.
  • Use your middle finger for right clicking instead of your index finger. It’s stronger and more adept.
  • Remain calm and focused during the test. Tension can cause hesitation.
  • Allow short breaks to avoid finger fatigue. You need strength and stamina.
  • Analyze your daily results to see progress over time. Make incremental goals.

In addition to gaming perks, improving your right click speed also helps strengthen finger dexterity and coordination.

Compete with friends or challenge yourself to set new personal records. Master the right click now!