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60 Second Click

The more clicks in a minute, the higher the CPS (Clicks per Second) score.

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What is CPS Test ?

CPS Test is a method to evaluate the usability of a website or application's user interface. It involves testers performing clicks on user interface elements while following specified tasks or scripts. The score for CPS Test is calculated using the formula:

CPS = Number of Clicks / Number of Seconds

60 Second CPS Test - The Ultimate 1 Minute Clicking Challenge!

Think you have the stamina and technique to maintain elite clicking speed for a full 60 seconds? Our intense 1 minute sprint will push your skills to the absolute limit!

While shorter tests demonstrate raw speed, surviving 60 grueling seconds requires supreme physical and mental conditioning. You’ll need flawless form and iron focus to conquer this ultimate endurance challenge.

Our 60 second marathon will force you to pace yourself and dig deep. It takes both strategy and grit to come out on top! Only the most dedicated clickers will thrive in this trial by fire.

Do you have what it takes to survive the ultimate 60 second test?

Compare Your CPS to the World’s Best Clickers

After surviving the 60 second onslaught, your score will display as an overall clicks per second (CPS) rate for comparison against top clickers worldwide.

The best can average 13-15 CPS over a full minute. Anything above 15 CPS is rare territory reserved only for seasoned veterans. With practice, you can strive for those lofty ranks.

Use our real-time global leaderboards as motivation to keep honing your skills. Set goals and watch your worldwide rank improve!

Adopt Pro Tips For Optimal Speed and Endurance

Raw clicking speed alone won’t cut it for the 60 second test. You need proper technique to maintain top performance from start to finish.

Be sure to practice proven methods like the “butterfly”, “drag” and “jitter” techniques used by the experts. They enable rapid-fire clicking while reducing fatigue.

No matter your method, keep your hands relaxed, use arm movements, and alternate fingers to prevent cramping up. These tips will keep you clicking strong all the way to the finish line!

Step Up and Conquer The 60 Second Challenge!

If your clicking endurance is ready for the intense 60 second marathon, it’s time to put it to the ultimate test right now!

Surviving 60 grueling seconds takes supreme physical conditioning and mental focus. But the thrill of victory makes all the effort worthwhile.

The gauntlet awaits. Seize this day, conquer the 60 second trial, and take your place among the most elite clickers on the planet!