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30 Second Click

Improve your clicking speed for Minecraft PvP and other games by trying the 30-second mode.

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What is CPS Test ?

CPS Test is a method to evaluate the usability of a website or application's user interface. It involves testers performing clicks on user interface elements while following specified tasks or scripts. The score for CPS Test is calculated using the formula:

CPS = Number of Clicks / Number of Seconds

30 Second CPS Test - Check Your Clicking Endurance!

Want to test the true endurance of your lightning fast fingers? See if you can withstand the intensity of our 30 second CPS sprint!

While shorter tests are great for raw speed, 30 grueling seconds pushes your physical and mental stamina to the brink. You’ll need flawless form and technique to maintain elite clicking till the very end.

The 30 second dash will force you to pace yourself rather than just slam away. It takes strategy and grit to survive! This trial separates the veterans from the amateurs.

Think you have what it takes to conquer the ultimate 30 second challenge?

Track Your Scores on Our Global Leaderboards

After finishing the 30 second onslaught, your score will display as an overall clicks per second (CPS) rate. See how you compare to clickers worldwide on our real-time leaderboards!

Top scorers average 10-13 CPS over 30 seconds. 13+ CPS is rare air achieved only by dedicated masters. With practice, you can work towards top ranks.

Use the leaderboards as motivation to keep training your clicking skills. Set goals and watch yourself climb the ranks!

Use Pro Tips to Enhance Clicking Endurance

Raw speed alone won’t cut it for the 30 second test. You need proper technique to maintain elite performance from start to finish.

Try proven methods like the “butterfly”, “drag” and “jitter” techniques used by seasoned clickers. They enable rapid clicks while reducing fatigue.

Remember to keep a relaxed grip, use arm movements, and alternate fingers. These tips will prevent your fingers from locking up at the worst possible time!

Take The 30 Second Challenge Today!

If you think your clicking endurance is ready for the intense 30 second sprint, it’s time to put it to the test right now!

Surviving 30 grueling seconds takes physical stamina and mental focus. It won’t be easy, but the feeling of accomplishment from a great score makes it all worthwhile.

Take your shot at clicker glory - step up, take the 30 second trial by fire, and prove your worth among the best clickers worldwide!