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Click Test - CPS Test

Evaluate your Clicks Per Second by taking the CPS Test Online. Our user-friendly CPS Tester will
provide an estimate of your clicking speed in a matter of seconds.Challenge yourself and see how many clicks you can achieve!

Want to See How Fast You Can Click? Try Our Free Online CPS Test!

Have you ever wondered exactly how quick your clicking finger is? Or wanted to find out how your click speed stacks up against other gamers and computer users? At bestclicktest, you can easily measure your personal clicking speed by taking our free online CPS test.

CPS stands for clicks per second, and it's an important metric for gamers and others who use mice extensively. The CPS test provides an inside look at the raw speed of your clicks in a set time frame.

Taking the CPS test on our site is simple:

  • Click the start button to initiate the timer
  • Rapidly click the button as many times as you can until the timer runs out
  • Your final score displays your clicks per second

The default time is 5 seconds, but you can choose from other durations like 10, 20, or 60 seconds if you want. 5 seconds tends to give the most accurate results though.

After completing the test, your score will calculate your CPS rate by dividing total clicks by the total time. A score between 6-9 CPS is considered a good click speed for the average mouse user. Top gamers often reach up to 12-15 CPS through dedicated practice.

Want tips to improve your CPS score? Using a high-quality gaming mouse and dialing in your mouse settings can help. But the best way is to practice often using techniques like the butterfly or jitter click. You can easily train your clicking muscle memory over time with regular CPS test sessions.

Once you’ve achieved a score you’re proud of, challenge your friends to beat it! Share your top CPS results on social media and see if they can top your score. Making a competition out of it raises the stakes and pushes you to excel.

Our CPS test website is fully mobile and tablet friendly too. Take the test on any device and access the same exact user experience and features across platforms.

A fast CPS rate doesn’t just help you brag to your friends though. It provides tangible advantages for PC gaming, improving speed, accuracy and combo abilities. It can even help with general computer use, allowing you to navigate and operate software more efficiently.

Stop wondering and put your clicking speed to the test today! Our free online CPS tool lets you evaluate your personal click rate in just seconds. Take on the challenge and see if you have what it takes to reach the top ranks of CPS scores. Once you know your baseline, you can start training to become the ultimate click master!

The Origins of CPS

CPS stands for “clicks per second” and originated as a metric used by computer gamers to measure their clicking speed. In many games, especially those requiring quick actions and hand-eye coordination, click speed is a very important skill.

As early as the 1990s, first person shooter gamers started using CPS to compare their mouse clicking abilities. Later, this metric was widely adopted by players of other genres like real-time strategy, MOBAs, and more.

Today, CPS testing has become an important training method for players to improve their skills. Doing regular CPS tests and striving for higher scores can help gamers gain quicker finger reflexes, better click accuracy, faster combo inputs, and other techniques. These are critical not just for gaming performance, but also for improving productivity with mice in daily work or study.

How CPS is Calculated

CPS represents the total number of clicks completed within a given time. It uses a simple formula:

CPS = Total Clicks / Time (seconds)

For example, if you completed 25 clicks in 5 seconds, your CPS would be:

CPS = 25 / 5 = 5

This means your click rate is 5 clicks per second.

CPS tests usually provide different test durations like 5, 10, 20 seconds. We recommend starting with 5 seconds for your first test, as this allows you to maximize your clicking potential for the most accurate CPS score.

For the different durations, a good CPS benchmark would be:

  • 5 second test: 6-8 CPS
  • 10 second test: 5-7 CPS
  • 20 second test: 4-6 CPS
  • 60 second test: 3-5 CPS

These ranges can be considered normal CPS levels. To become a top player, your goal is to exceed these standards and set new high scores for yourself.

Tips for Improving Your CPS

Want to increase your CPS scores? Here are some useful tips:

  • Use a quality gaming mouse and fine-tune DPI settings
  • Practice specialized clicking techniques like butterfly and jitter clicking
  • Keep fingers relaxed, use two fingers for more clicks
  • Take on daily training with a suitable clicking practice program
  • Do short bursts of high intensity clicking then rest and alternate
  • Take hand massages to stay comfortable during training
  • Do eye exercises to improve hand-eye coordination

With enough focus and regular practice using these tips, you can steadily boost your CPS levels and set new personal best records!

The Role of CPS in Different Games

Improving CPS is about more than just scoring higher on tests. It has significant impacts across gaming styles:

Shooters: Faster aiming and clicking increases accuracy, especially against multiple enemies.

MOBAs: High CPS allows rapid skill combos to handle complex situations.

Action RPGs: Smooth clicking enables complex move combinations.

RTS games: Fast unit control and attacks need excellent click reaction.

Sandbox games: High CPS builds structures and crafts quickly.

Clicker games: These games directly rely on CPS to avoid failure.

So upping your CPS doesn’t just increase your gaming prowess, it makes computer use more fluid as well - a truly valuable skill!

Challenging CPS World Records

Some gamers push themselves to achieve the fastest possible CPS, even challenging world records. According to documented records, the current CPS world record holders are:

Most clicks in 10 seconds - 141 (Dylan Allred)

Most clicks in 1 minute - 1121 (Marcel Antonio)

While this requires immense talent and effort, doing regular CPS training can help inch you closer to these records over time. We display the current world records on our site as motivation to click even faster!

Share Your CPS Scores with Friends

Once you complete a test, you can share your CPS scores on social media with friends. See who can achieve the highest score among your group!

You can also compare with other players on our website leaderboard. We record all test scores so you can see where you rank globally.

Make CPS testing a fun competitive activity between you and your friends!

Mobile-Friendly Use

Our CPS test website is now fully mobile-friendly. You get the same smooth testing experience on phones and tablets.

CPS Testing Flow on Mobile:

  1. Open site, tap test button
  2. Continuously tap the test area with your finger
  3. Your CPS score displays after test ends

No app download needed - just conveniently test through any mobile browser. We auto-optimize the test area size for maximum finger-tapping speed and accuracy.

CPS Benefits for Everyday Work

CPS doesn’t just help gaming, it also positively impacts daily work:

  1. Higher CPS can help you operate PC software faster
  2. Improves efficiency of adjusting windows, selecting menus at work
  3. Speeds up Office tasks like formatting, text selection, etc.
  4. Proper training reduces hand fatigue from prolonged mouse use
  5. Boosts hand-eye coordination to increase reading speed

So along with gamers, every office worker can benefit from CPS testing and training!

Test your click speed at and start improving your CPS scores through regular practice. It’s a free and fun way to showcase your rapid clicking abilities - the first step to becoming an elite click master!