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10 Second Click

Try to beat the record of 12.1 CPS for most clicks in 10 seconds. Take the challenge now!

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What is CPS Test ?

CPS Test is a method to evaluate the usability of a website or application's user interface. It involves testers performing clicks on user interface elements while following specified tasks or scripts. The score for CPS Test is calculated using the formula:

CPS = Number of Clicks / Number of Seconds

10 Second CPS Test - Challenge Your Clicking Endurance!

If you’re looking to push your clicking speed and endurance to the max, our intense 10 second CPS test is the ultimate challenge!

While 5 seconds tests speed and consistency, 10 grueling seconds requires supreme conditioning and flawless technique. You’ll need both physical and mental stamina to maintain elite performance over this extended trial.

Our 10 second sprint will force you to dig deep. Survival demands rigorous training of mind and body. Are you ready to step up and prove your clicking prowess?

Compare Your Score to the World’s Best

After finishing the 10 second gauntlet, your score will display as an overall clicks per second (CPS) rate. This allows direct comparison to other clickers worldwide.

The top players average 13-15 CPS over 10 seconds. 15+ CPS is rarefied air reserved only for masters. With dedication, you too can enter the upper ranks.

Use our real-time leaderboards as motivation to keep improving. Set goals and track your rise to dominance!

Adopt Pro Techniques for Optimal Speed

Raw speed is only part of the equation. You need proper form and technique to excel on the 10 second test.

Be sure to practice using methods like the “butterfly”, “drag” and “jitter” techniques employed by the experts. They enable rapid-fire clicking while reducing fatigue.

But no matter your method, remember to keep wrists loose, arms relaxed, and fingers poised for action. Proper form prevents decline in performance.

Step Up and Conquer the 10 Second Challenge!

If your clicking speed and endurance are ready for the intense 10 second test, it’s time to put them to the trial right now!

Surviving 10 grueling seconds requires intense conditioning of body and mind. But the satisfaction of a top score makes the struggle worthwhile.

Seize the day - take the ultimate 10 second challenge, enter the elite ranks, and prove your clicking superiority today!