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Prueba de clic manual

Con nuestro marco de tiempo ilimitado, puedes elegir cuánto tiempo probar tu velocidad de clic.

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¿Qué es la prueba CPS?

CPS Test es un método para evaluar la usabilidad de un sitio web o la interfaz de usuario de una aplicación. Implica que los evaluadores hagan clic en los elementos de la interfaz de usuario mientras siguen tareas o secuencias de comandos específicas. La puntuación de la prueba CPS se calcula mediante la fórmula:

CPS = Número de clics / Número de segundos

Manual CPS Test - Check Your Clicking Endurance!

Want to see how long you can sustain rapid-fire mouse clicking before fatigue sets in? Our manual CPS test is the ultimate way to push your clicking endurance to the limit!

With no set time limit, you can click as long and as fast as you want. We’ll track your overall clicks per second (CPS) so you can see how your speed holds up over an extended clicking marathon.

The manual test will push your fingers to their absolute limit. How long can you maintain elite clicking before accuracy falls? How will your hand and arm hold up to thousands of clicks? Let’s find out!

Track Your Clicks Per Second in Real Time

As you click away, our system will track your CPS score in real time. You’ll see your clicks per second update after every click, so you can monitor any changes in speed.

This allows you to pace yourself for maximum endurance. If you see your CPS start to decline, you can adjust your technique to maintain speed. Master the art of sustained peak performance!

Compare Your Stats to Other Clickers

After completing your clicking marathon, your final CPS will be displayed along with totals for number of clicks and elapsed time.

Use the global ranks as motivation to keep improving your scores over time. You can always come back and test your clicking mettle again!

Adopt Pro Tips For Clicking Endurance

Raw speed alone won’t maximize your clicking endurance. You need proper technique to maintain top speeds over an extended period.

Be sure to keep your hands and wrists loose. Avoid “tensing up”, which causes early fatigue. Use arm movements rather than just fingers/wrists for power and efficiency.

Test Your Clicking Endurance Now!

If you think your clicking stamina is ready for an unlimited sprint, it’s time to put it to the ultimate test right now!

The manual CPS test won’t stop until YOU want it to. Survival requires intense physical conditioning and concentration. But pushing your limits always leads to improvement!

Step up and challenge yourself today! Take the unlimited manual test, push your clicking endurance to the brink, and see how your skills stack up globally now!