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¿Qué es la prueba CPS?

CPS Test es un método para evaluar la usabilidad de un sitio web o la interfaz de usuario de una aplicación. Implica que los evaluadores hagan clic en los elementos de la interfaz de usuario mientras siguen tareas o secuencias de comandos específicas. La puntuación de la prueba CPS se calcula mediante la fórmula:

CPS = Número de clics / Número de segundos

The Ultimate 1 Second CPS Test - Challenge Your Clicking Speed!

Think you’ve got lightning fast fingers? Put them to the test with our intense 1 second CPS challenge!

The CPS (clicks per second) test is the ultimate way to measure your mouse clicking speed and accuracy. While other sites offer 5, 10 or 60 second tests, our 1 second sprint truly separates the champions from the rest.

With just a single tick of the clock, you’ll push your fingers to the limit as you strive for click supremacy. No time to waste - every millisecond matters!

World Record Currently Stands at 15 CPS - Can You Break It?

The current world record for most clicks in 1 second is an astonishing 15. For us mortals, that likely seems impossible…but some gaming elites truly have world-class clicking abilities.

While reaching 15 may be a stretch goal for beginners, many can still hit 10-12 when properly focused. With practice and dedication, you too can join the ranks of the elite.

Believe in your fingers…and take the ultimate 1 second challenge today!

Set Your Sights on the Leaderboard - Compare Stats and Reign Supreme!

Our real-time global leaderboard lets you compare your CPS to others around the world. See how your scores size up vs friends and foes alike.

Competition breeds excellence! Use the leaderboard as motivation to keep practicing and improving your technique. With daily practice, you can climb from novice to expert status.

Leave your mark by snagging a top spot on the charts. Only the truly dedicated will reach the upper echelon - will you be among them?

Master Advanced Clicking Techniques for Max Speed

Raw speed isn’t the only factor that matters. You need proper form and technique to sustain rapid clicks. Check out these advanced clicking methods used by the pros:

  • Jitter Clicking - Using a finger vibration/tapping motion to generate ultra-quick clicks. Lifting the wrist reduces friction.
  • Butterfly Clicking - Alternate two fingers in a flapping downward motion. Allows minimal “bounce back” time between clicks.
  • Drag Clicking - Forcefully drag a finger down across the mouse button to engage rapid-fire clicking.

With practice, these methods allow experts to crank out 12+ CPS. Try them yourself and watch your scores soar! Proper form is key.

Are You up for the Ultimate Challenge?

If you’re confident in your insane clicking abilities, accept our 1 second CPS gauntlet today. While grueling, it’s tremendously rewarding to see your skills in action and watch your scores improve.

Few can withstand a second of nonstop turbo-clicking…but those who do join the upper echelon of CPS masters.

Put your fingers to the test! Our 1 second CPS challenge awaits - take the trial by fire and awaken your inner clicking demon. Your destiny is calling…conquer it today!