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Juega al juego 2 Second Test, bate récords en esta prueba de velocidad de clics.

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¿Qué es la prueba CPS?

CPS Test es un método para evaluar la usabilidad de un sitio web o la interfaz de usuario de una aplicación. Implica que los evaluadores hagan clic en los elementos de la interfaz de usuario mientras siguen tareas o secuencias de comandos específicas. La puntuación de la prueba CPS se calcula mediante la fórmula:

CPS = Número de clics / Número de segundos

2 Second CPS Test - Push Your Clicking Speed to the Limit!

Think you’ve got the clicking endurance to withstand 2 seconds of intense rapid-fire mouse clicks? Put your fingers to the ultimate test with our 2 second CPS challenge!

While a 1 second test checks raw max speed, 2 seconds requires stamina and consistency. You need the perfect combo of speed, accuracy and technique to post an elite score.

The competitive juice will be flowing as you push yourself to the limit during this grueling physical and mental battle. No pain, no gain! 2 seconds never felt so long.

Compare Your Clicks Per Second to the World’s Best

After completing the 2 second sprint, your score will be displayed as an overall clicks per second (CPS) rate. This allows you to directly compare your performance against others.

Top scores range from 13-15 CPS on average. The very best in the world can surpass 15, but that is rare territory. With practice and dedication, you can work your way into the upper echelon.

Use the world leaderboard as motivation to keep honing your craft. Set goals and track your improvement over time. Are you Top 100 material? Only one way to find out…

Condition Your Fingers for Click Endurance

Just like training for a marathon, you need to condition your fingers for optimal clicking endurance and form. Avoid injury or fatigue by using proper technique:

  • Adopt a neutral wrist position to minimize strain. Keep your clicking hand relaxed but poised for action.
  • Use arm movements from the elbow rather than just the fingers/wrist. This generates power and reduces fatigue.
  • Alternate between two or more fingers to give each a partial break. The two finger “butterfly” technique works well here.
  • Stretch hands/fingers before and after click sessions to enhance flexibility and prevent injury. Proper conditioning prevents decline in clicking performance.
Are You Ready for the Ultimate Mouse Click Challenge?

If you think your clicking speed is up for the intense 2 second CPS test, it’s time to put your skills on the line right now!

While surviving the full 2 seconds is difficult, the feeling of accomplishment from a great score makes it all worthwhile.

Few can walk the line between speed and accuracy for a full 2 seconds. Can you rise up, conquer the challenge, and take your place among the elite?

The 2 second clicking gauntlet awaits. Time to make your fingers proud - take the test and unleash your inner clicking demon!